Hair care tips for fine hair

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Hair care tips for fine hair

As a stylist with over 23 years experience i have worked with many hair types. My client base now consists mainly of people with fine hair. I have realized over the years that working with fine hair is an art.

More delicate in nature, there are specific colouring techniques, styles and ways to care for fine hair. When I colour fine hair I take the grain into account, I apply colour in fine ribbons, being conscious of the way the hair falls and of the condition. I avoid dramatic colour techniques and bold shapes that would lead to harsh regrowth.

Mechanical and chemical damage is very common in fine hair.

Top concerns are: My hair never grows past a certain point. I can't get volume to last. My ends often look scraggly. The front pieces around my face always seem to break.

How do we address these concerns you might be asking?
Thankfully, it's actually quite simple.

Step 1. Invest in a sulphate shampoo, this ensures that we hold on to precious moisture that is lost when we wash our hair with sulphate shampoos.
Step 2. Use a detangling and heat protect product in your hair to apply a layer of protection before you brush or blowdry. We highly recommend the award winning Thermoliss which is perfect for fine hair as it is very lightweight and doesn't leave the hair heavy or sticky. (Available on our site and instore)
3. Switch to a detangling brush like the Epic detangling wetbrush (also available on our site under partner brands)
Brushing is one of the biggest culprits of damage in fine hair.
4. Ensure you use really good quality heat styling tools. Straightening irons without ceramic coatings really strip fine hair of moisture leaving it dry and brittle which is a major cause for breakage.
5. Get on to a supplement to boost your bodies production of collagen and keratin. Keratin is the protein needed for hair growth and strength. You want to preserve the hair you have because our hair tends to thin out as we age. This is a very important step in maintaining fine hair. Check out our Hello Hair-oh! Supplements which are made up of a red algae and organic sulphur and differs to other collagen brands as it supports the functioning of your bodies ability to produce its own collagen and keratin production.
6. It's the little things that matter with fine hair. Your accesories need to be gentle and not create damage. The revolutionary Pony O creates amazing volume in your pony and does not break the hair. (Click on Pony O)
7. Last but definitely not least, switching to satin is the best way to care for your hair when you sleep. Satin does not absorb moisture from your hair or skin and creates less friction than cotton. Say goodbye to bedhead, sleep creases, hair damage, thinning hair and more.
(Hello Pill-oh! Satin slips are available on four stunning colours, order yours today!)

It's always the little things.